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Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006, 09:11 am
master_kenneth: Hello and introduction

Greetings ...
I am a member of Nero Epic in the Texas area.
2 weeks ago we held a dungeon day, using a construction of scaffold frames and black plastic for an event.
Pictures to come soon a the nero epic website.
This last weekened I attempted to run round 2 but due to rain and high windstorms had to post pone.
Thats been my greatest hit to "am I running the game right?" not so much the modules or the event but what happens when the weather hits and you just have to cancel. This is the second time it has stopped one of my Dungeon days and each time it hits that some how its my responsibility/fault.
I know that the owners of the chapter and the players do not blame me but still its an issue that both weekened has just ruined the "nero drive" for me.
Tonight I head back to the dungeons location, yes it has been up now for 4 weeks (I guess thats testement to my construction skills) but I worry about whether players might loose even more intrest in it since it has now been postponed twice.
wish you all good larping

Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)


Not sure if this was just a vent or if you were soliciting advice/suggestions.

Weather can be a major hurdle for many games. Out here in California, it is always tricky scheduling games during our rainy season of Oct-April. Some places, like up in Seattle or Portland, are more used to the rain and aren't as affected as we are. I suppose it is a regional thing as to which weather patterns are acceptable LARPing weather. :)

I have never had players upset at me about a cancelled event due to weather. They've been upset that there is no event, but they understand the reason behind it. I have also not noticed a loss of interest in games with postponements. If anything, they become more hyped due to needing their "NERO Fix".

My question I would put to the group is "Would you still want to play in inclimate weather?" It could be a safety issue - such as high winds with scaffolding and plastic around. But I have found that if the weather isn't "dangerous" players will go for it anyways. I had one event where it was a bit overcast in the beginning and then was a torrential downpour by 1pm - the skies just opened up. From about 300 yards ahead of the group on the trail, I radioed back to the GM that was travelling with the players (I needed to be one encounter ahead of them making sure things were ready to go) if they wanted to call it a day - with a full refund. From 300 yards away, I could hear a univeral 'NO' shouted through the rain.

It was ugly, it was wet, it was dirty and almost all of my players thanked me for keeping the event going. Not only did they love the event's story and so on, but they absolutely enjoyed adventuring in terrible weather.

During such weather though, safety becomes an issue. As such, and in this case, I moved all combat from bare ground to grassed areas, to help stop slippage, as well as told the NPC's to die a little bit easier and NOT to run anywhere. Also instructed the PC's not to run to engage and to keep the swings low. All in all, instructions were followed, saftey was looked after and they had a blast.

Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006 05:43 pm (UTC)

well thank you.
That does make me feel better about the whole situation....its not so much the first cancelation due to weather but the second.lol that got to me.
thank you again