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Thu, Feb. 25th, 2010, 09:35 pm
btvsfan: NERO West- Lets Larp!


I am a NERO member that moved out here from North coast NERO. I've been told on the official web site that NERO West is on hiatus.  It seems as though it has been on hiatus for *months*

Live in the NERO West area of Southern CA?  Brush off your gear, lets have a market day!

Contact me at winnifredburkle@yahoo.com

Wed, Oct. 1st, 2008, 03:28 pm
shaglarp: Do You S.H.A.G.?

LARPers Wanted
Hello, I am just trying to get the word out about a portal that has been created to draw together LARPers in the Portland and Salem, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas. We are looking for all kinds of LARPers from boffer players, to socio-political players, to horror players, to comedy players, to medieval players, so on and so forth, to get together and network. There will be resources for GMs and Players from all backgrounds of games, and we are looking to add more. We are also looking to get the word out about games, conventions, and chronicles/long running games.
You can find the site at:



Tue, Mar. 18th, 2008, 11:30 am
chinaraven: Moderator wanted

This community has very little activity, and I'm sure that in part it's because I haven't really promoted it.

I'm looking for someone to take over.

Drop me a message if you are interested.

Tue, Mar. 18th, 2008, 11:27 am
chinaraven: A terrible loss

The split caused people to find their way on seperate sides...

and people lost touch as they went one way or the other.  

Last night I got news that the LARP community lost one of it's own.  

John Finnegan passed yesterday afternoon.  No further information is known at this point.  

Our hearts go out to Colleen, and the rest of the Finnegan and Capuano families.

Thu, Jun. 7th, 2007, 01:48 pm
larpguide: Lawsuit is back on

This was just posted in LARPA-Gen's yahoo site by Mike Ventrella:

A week or so ago, Joe and I and our lawyers had a conference call where we (I thought) had worked out an agreement that I was very happy with. All that needed was to write it up and sign it.

Among the agreements was that Joe would refrain from harassing our camps and contacts.

Unfortunately, I am afraid to report that the good news I was hoping to pass along will not come to pass after all. I have been receiving word that Joe has been telling everyone that he "won" the suit (which doesn't happen when it's a negotiated agreement of course) but more importantly, today I found out that he is once more calling our camps and telling them that they cannot rent to us because we "lost" the lawsuit and are therefore out of business.

None of this is true, of course, and in fact, we will be making a huge announcement soon that will show the opposite.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop about this. I am very sorry that this is not over. I really want it to be, but apparently I am going to have to refile the case against Joe.

Fri, Jun. 9th, 2006, 11:59 am
djmedieval: (no subject)


What sayeth you? Self-aggrandizing bullshit or legitimate LARP magazine?

YOU make the call!

Tue, Apr. 4th, 2006, 01:23 am
sophistbastard: Lawsuit Update

Almost didn't post this here, but since there's been some discussion of this below I figured you'd want to be in the loop. New news regarding the lawsuit today: counsel for the defense filed their response to the complaint. Coverage is available (as always) at http://www.larpaweb.net.

My apologies if you'd prefer not to hear updates about this.

Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006, 09:11 am
master_kenneth: Hello and introduction

Greetings ...
I am a member of Nero Epic in the Texas area.
2 weeks ago we held a dungeon day, using a construction of scaffold frames and black plastic for an event.
Pictures to come soon a the nero epic website.
This last weekened I attempted to run round 2 but due to rain and high windstorms had to post pone.
Thats been my greatest hit to "am I running the game right?" not so much the modules or the event but what happens when the weather hits and you just have to cancel. This is the second time it has stopped one of my Dungeon days and each time it hits that some how its my responsibility/fault.
I know that the owners of the chapter and the players do not blame me but still its an issue that both weekened has just ruined the "nero drive" for me.
Tonight I head back to the dungeons location, yes it has been up now for 4 weeks (I guess thats testement to my construction skills) but I worry about whether players might loose even more intrest in it since it has now been postponed twice.
wish you all good larping

Thu, Mar. 2nd, 2006, 10:07 am
lehulei: NERO® International Holding Co., Inc. - LARP Projects & Jeremie Collins Statements


Joseph Valenti
<jvalenti@nerolarp.com> to larpa-gen
1:39 am (8 hours ago)
The Live Adventures Company

NERO® International Holding Co., Inc.

New York 10566

(914) 328-9123 Office

(914) 309-7718 Mobile

March 2, 2006

RE: Jeremie Collins Statements

Please disregard any statements made by Jeremie Collins regarding NERO®
International Holding Co., Inc., its projects, and/or its business

After being a NERO® Chapter owner for several years, and reporting an
average of less than 1 event per year with less than 10 people attending,
Jeremie has decided to depart the NERO® Organization. We freely allow
Jeremie to depart from NERO and run his own LARP game. Among other things,
Mr. Collins is expected to act like a professional and make no more false or
misleading comments regarding NERO Business.

Sadly, it appears to me that he is now on a rampage to discredit my efforts,
my reputation, and the endeavors that I find myself in support of.

Hopefully - Jeremie Collins will not make any more comments in public
regarding NERO® International Holding Co., Inc. and its projects.

I am forced to ignore most of the statements made by him toward me in public
but I will respond to the inaccurate statements regarding LARP Business
endeavors that I am working on.

Joseph Valenti

President of NERO®

PS: It is a shame that LARPA has allowed people like Mr. Ventrella and now
Mr. Collins to use this list to victimize the President of the largest LARP
Company in America, and maybe the World, with negative and derogatory
statements. I am sure that the owner of larpland - dot - com will now chime
in and make some statements too. I wonder if Jeremie was responding now to a
long ago letter that the larpland guy wrote. It would make me laugh to know
the truth.

Note that no other person has been victimized by any other participant on
this mailing list.


Joseph Valenti

Lascivio Est Res - "The Play's the Thing"

NERO® is the Registered Trademark of NERO International Holding Co., Inc.
USPTO registration number 2,270,409
Unauthorized use of the NERO Name, NERO Logo, NERO Rule Book© or NERO Game
System© is strictly prohibited.

The NERO Rule Book© is Copyrighted 1988-2006 by NERO International Holding
Co., Inc., All Rights Reserved.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You have got to be kidding me.

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